The Lao Disabled Women’s Development Centre was established in 2002 and since then we have trained over 400 women with disabilities in sewing, weaving and handicraft production. Many graduates choose to stay on at the Centre as employees of the handicraft production unit.  The profits from the sale of our products provide an income for over 30 women with disabilities and also support the Centre’s training activities.

The shop at the centre sells a diverse range of unique, handmade products made in-house using recycling products or natural materials and we preserve the rich and diverse textile culture of Laos through our weaving and sewing.’

They make our own paper from Mulberry, Banana, Silk, Pineapple and Water Hyacinth, depending on the season. They then use this paper to make greeting cards and photo frames.

They collect old newspapers from across Vientiane and transform them into kitchen and homeware products including placemats, coasters, bowls, lamps and more!

Traditional, handwoven textiles are sewn to make a range of homeware and fashion items including wallhangings, pillow cases, purses, bags and Lao Sinhs.