A visit to the Saoban Shop, tucked away on Chao Anou Road between Setthathirath and Fa Ngum, reveals the handcrafted creations of Saoban. Its slogan, “Village handicrafts from the heart of Laos”, is spot-on.

Here, you see fine scarves made of silk and cotton in colorful and muted shades, adorning the walls. For the modern traveller, a wealth of bamboo cases and textiles bags are available to suit every type of electronic gadget.

To the side, one table gleams with the famous tin spoons crafted from old US-bombs extraced from the Plateau of Xieng Khuang. Alongside is elaborately crafted silver jewellery.

It is not surprising that the shop is well-known among the many tourists who leave the country with lovely presents for their relatives and loved ones back home.